Green Button energy-saving module for foam cleaning

▪ Energy and water savings thanks to our Green Button
▪ Lowering the outlet pressure by 10 bar
▪ Switch between medium and low pressure at the touch of a button
▪ Efficient solution for cleaning areas that do not require a high outlet pressure
▪ Ideal for removing foam and disinfectant during rinsing (flushing)
▪ Less foam splashes during the final rinse
▪ Also suitable for intermediate rinsing



Water and energy-saving foam cleaning with the Green button

When the Green button is activated, the cleaning pressure is halved. The ECO-Clean function achieves up to 52% energy and 20% water savings when rinsing after foam cleaning, while at the same time saving time in the overall concept!

The Green Button is visibly installed on the mobile foam cleaning unit or on a pressure booster system. The user can simply press the ECO-Clean function during operation. The button lights up green as soon as the ECO-Clean function is active.

Technical data

Not active with 24.3 bar:
Energy consumption: 2.7 kW/h
Water flow rate: 29.6 l/min

Active with 15 bar:
1.3 kW/h
23.8 l/min

Savings per hour
1.4 kw/h
348 l

Total savings
52% energy
20% water