Hygienic Factory equipment

PHT offers well-considered equipment for industrial use. We are happy to inform you about our shelving systems, tables, drinking fountains, trolleys and containers.

Hygienic and durable

Companies need tables, shelves, trolleys and much more for their furnishings. What distinguishes ordinary furnishings from professional solutions? Especially in the manufacturing industry in the area of food or other hygiene-sensitive products, it is extremely important to use suitable workspace equipment with a hygienic design. PHT workspace equipment offers you important details such as rounded corners or the avoidance of gaps. As these always come into contact with open goods, these details significantly promote hygiene in the business. In addition, the equipment is designed to be very durable and robust so that it can withstand the high demands of production facilities.

Edelstahltische und Spülen sind ergonomisch und hygienisch in Produktionsbereichen.

PHT Stainless steel tables

What is factory equipment?

Business equipment includes everything you need to set up your business. From various tables such as sink units, plant tables, cupboard tables or work tables to standardised loading trolleys, smoking trolleys and shelving. They all have one thing in common: the entire range of equipment is made from hygienic materials and is therefore particularly hygienic and durable. The avoidance of gaps and the rounded corners, for example, make the equipment easy to clean and ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas. PHT conveyor technology, container cleaning systems and lift and tilt solutions complete your hygienic equipment in the factory.

At PHT you will find

  • Plant tables
  • Sink units
  • Cupboard tables
  • Material cabinets
  • Work tables
  • Smoking trolleys
  • Lifting and loading trolleys
  • Transport trolleys

Where can operating equipment be integrated?

PHT operating equipment can be used in all businesses, but is particularly suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive areas. Food businesses such as butchers, bakeries, dairies and other sectors can set up their operations without hesitation and promote hygiene at the same time.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Ergonomic furnishings
  • Hygienic design and materials
  • Customised solutions for your business
  • Durable and robust
  • Ideal in hygiene-sensitive areas

Operating equipment at PHT

PHT is your partner for hygiene and technology and works with you to develop a holistic hygiene concept, from operating equipment to hygiene technology. Do you need a customised solution? Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Die PHT Rauchwagen sorgen für eine professionelle Produktion und einfache Reinigung.

PHT smoke trolley

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