Facility hygiene

Everything you need for cleaning your buildings and equipment: from specialized high-quality brushware to low-pressure foam cleaning technology, available as either manual or automatic versions and with all the necessary accessories, to complete outfit of chemical rooms.

Efficient and hygienic in your facility hygiene

A hygienic production facility is the basic prerequisite for safe production and a high level of product safety. Once your employees are hygienically equipped for safe production thanks to the right personal hygiene, proper hygiene in the business continues. Whether in the food industry or in craft businesses, facility hygiene is crucial for hygiene-sensitive products in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

To the products

Foam Cleaning

Satellit aus Edelstahl mit seitlichem Hebel und Farbsystem für schnelle Schaumreinigung und Betriebshygiene.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment on shadow board
Schaumreinigung Hauptstation für die optimale Betriebshygiene

PHT main station for foam cleaning system

What is facility hygiene?

Facility hygiene comprises the cleaning of the business premises. This includes floors, walls, ceilings and equipment. In order to be able to clean these hygienically, specially designed systems are required. PHT offers various systems for optimised facility hygiene: The PHT low-pressure foam cleaning system enables businesses to clean their premises efficiently and hygienically. By combining main stations with pumps and satellites, all areas in industry and trade can be kept hygienically clean. The cleaning programme can be put together depending on the product being processed. The special feature of the PHT foam cleaning system is that different chemicals can be used one after the other via one outlet. Manual cleaning is still a major issue in companies. Manual cleaning equipment such as brooms, scrapers, buckets and squeegees are in constant contact with potential sources of bacteria. A hygienic and well thought-out design is therefore particularly important here. The PHT cleaning supplies are hygienically designed and offer another advantage: the cleaning supplies are available by colour system, so you can directly assign an area to a colour in the business and thus minimise the risk of confusion.

What measures are there for facility hygiene?

There are a number of measures to take to ensure proper facility hygiene: Regular cleaning of the business premises and equipment, regular training of your employees and good management. The basis for proper facility hygiene is cleaning the premises and equipment, which requires a professional cleaning system such as a low-pressure foam cleaning system. In combination with professional cleaning equipment and good management, the system reliably helps companies to ensure product safety.

What is the aim of facility hygiene?

The aim of facility hygiene is to ensure the best possible conditions for good product safety. This is checked, for example, by means of swab samples and audits. In order to achieve positive results here, regular cleaning using a low-pressure foam cleaning system, for example, is essential. Professional systems increase facility hygiene enormously when used regularly.

Druckerhöhungsanlage sowie Dosieranlage für Niederdruck-Schaumreinigung.

PHT booster system

Zur richtigen Betriebshygiene mit Reinigungsbedarf und Schattenwänden.

PHT cleaning equipment

Your advantages at a glance

  • Maximum process reliability for your facility hygiene
  • Minimised risk of contamination
  • Innovative foam cleaning system
  • Well thought-out cleaning requirements
  • Hygienic and resource-saving
  • User-friendly application

Optimising facility hygiene with PHT

Implementing the right faciltiy hygiene in day-to-day operations poses many challenges. PHT is your expert for hygiene and technology. We work with you to develop a holistic hygiene concept for your business and implement it with modern hygiene technology.

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