Ergonomic lifting and tipping devices

We are committed to setting up safe and viable workspaces. We offer a variety of professional tools: from simple lifting and tilting devices to complete weighing and charging equipment.

Ergonomic and user-friendly

With our lift and tilt solutions, our goal is clear: ergonomic and user-friendly systems should support your employees and at the same time meet the hygienic standards of production plants. That is why PHT systems are designed with hygiene in mind: Rounded corners, stainless steel fabrications and the avoidance of edges and gaps minimise the risk of contamination.

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Hebe-Kipplösungen für Lebensmittelproduktionen und sonstige Betriebe erleichtern Prozesse.

PHT Lifting and tilting devices

What are lifting and tipping devices?

Heavy goods are often transported and transferred in production facilities. In order to make this process as ergonomic as possible for employees, lifting and tipping devices are used. Here, standard loading trolleys or special containers are pushed into the device and then lifted by the system. The heights can be set individually. At the set height, the container is tipped and thus the contents are filled into another system or container. Lift and tilt devices are also available as charging systems or swing loaders, where contents are tipped into smaller containers or onto conveyor belts.

Where can lifting and tilting devices be integrated?

The use of lifting and tipping devices is versatile and individual. All companies that transport and decant goods need various lifting aids to relieve employees as much as possible. PHT lifting and tipping devices are versatile: whether in butcher’s shops, bakeries, dairies or other areas of the food industry. At PHT, you will find individual systems for every sector.

What lifting and tilting solutions are available?

Lifting and tilting solutions are available in different versions for all operational requirements. The most common types of solutions are lift and tip devices in single-column or two-column versions, swing loaders or charging systems. The lifting and tipping devices are frequently used for standardised loading containers and paloxes with one or two columns, which lift heavy loads and tip them into systems or conveyor systems. A swing loader, which is also suitable for various containers, is ideal for dosed emptying with a chute. The batching system weighs and portions contents according to specifications in various weighing scales.

What is important for lifting and tipping devices?

Lift-tilt devices should be precisely tailored to the requirements in operation in order to maximise efficiency. In addition to efficiency, hygienic design is particularly important in hygiene-sensitive areas. The stainless steel material, rounded edges and largely closed components ensure that hygiene and product safety are maintained during operation.

Swingloader als Hebe-Kippvorrichtung für das Entleeren von Behältern

PHT Swingloader

In der Produktion sind Chargieranlagen beim Umfüllen und Dosieren eine große Hilfe.

PHT Charging system

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Lifting and tipping in production operations
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Individual solutions for your operation
  • Hygienic design
  • Flexible use for standard and special containers

PHT is your partner for hygiene and technology and offers individual solutions for your production. The lifting and tilting devices, charging systems and swing loaders are convincing in everyday production due to their easy handling and hygienic design. In addition to lifting and tilting devices, PHT container cleaning systems, drainage technology and the appropriate conveyor technology ensure optimised production processes.

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