Foam Cleaning

Safe cleaning systems that blend in perfectly with your operations. A well-functioning low-pressure foam cleaning system not only has to facilitate timely and appropriate hygiene and cleaning, but also has to be energy efficient and stable in terms of operating times. Equally important are simple and flawless handling to ensure maximum work safety. Equipped with IE5 motors and the NEXT system, our systems meet all of these important criteria.

Safe cleaning systems that fit ideally into the operational process

Cleaning the premises is one of the most important steps in your hygiene concept. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cleaning system for your operation. It should be hygienic and efficient at the same time. The PHT low-pressure foam cleaning system convinces with its ease of use and hygienic cleaning results. The low-pressure foam cleaning system fits ideally into the internal operating procedures and can be combined according to the size of the operation. The special NEXT system, which makes it possible to use several chemicals in succession via one outlet, makes the system particularly user-friendly.

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Hauptstation einer Niederdruck-Schaumreinigung im Lebensmittelbetrieb.

PHT Satellite with hose reel

What is low pressure foam cleaning?

Low-pressure foam cleaning usually consists of a pressure boost and several foam cleaning satellites that are used for cleaning. The required pressure boost can be generated in the form of a booster pump or a main station. The booster feeds the satellites with the required boosted water. Cleaning is done via the satellite, to which a hose with a gun and special nozzles is connected. The site is first cleaned with water and then chemicals in the form of foam. The special feature of PHT’s low-pressure foam cleaning system is that the NEXT system allows the chemicals to be used one after the other via one outlet. The advantage over a high-pressure system is also that the low pressure is so high that impurities are dissolved and so low that the water does not spray uncontrollably in all directions. The low pressure also saves resources such as water, chemicals and energy, which makes the system efficient.

Where can low-pressure foam cleaning be integrated?

Low-pressure foam cleaning can be integrated into all areas that clean wet rooms. This means that low-pressure foam cleaning is ideal for use in butchers’ shops, the beverage industry, other food areas and all other areas with wet cleaning. The system is possible both as a single satellite for craft businesses and with several satellites in combination with a pressure booster for industries. The optimal complement to this is the PHT cleaning requirement.


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Der Satellit Baseline führt Schaumreinigung mit zwei Chemikalien durch.

PHT Satellite Baseline with two chemicals

How does low-pressure foam cleaning work?

Low-pressure foam cleaning is usually used to clean wet rooms before, during and after the shift. With the foam cleaning satellite, the correct cleaning step can be selected using the selector lever. Depending on the selection, the satellite sucks in chemicals from canisters or is fed with pressurised water. The chemicals or water are dispensed through the hose and the foam cleaning gun. In most cleaning processes, pre-cleaning is first carried out with water to remove coarse soiling. The user then cleans with chemicals in the form of foam as required and then rinses with water. In this way, companies achieve optimum cleaning results and can clean their premises and systems flexibly.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly and simple application
  • Chemicals via one outlet due to NEXT system
  • Resource-saving application
  • Individual solutions depending on the size of the operation
  • Can be used in all wet areas

Low-pressure foam cleaning at PHT

PHT is your partner for holistic hygiene concepts and develops a concept for your operational hygiene together with you. With over 25 years of experience, we are at your side and help you achieve the best possible product safety through facility hygiene, personnel hygiene and hygienic technology.

Druckerhöhungsanlage sowie Dosieranlage für Niederdruck-Schaumreinigung.

PHT pressure boosting system and dosing station


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