Hygiene sluice with hand disinfection

▪ Ideal protection of hygiene-sensitive areas through access control
▪ Simultaneous sole cleaning and hand disinfection
▪ Visualised access release via traffic light LEDs after successful hand disinfection
▪ Easy cleaning of all system components
▪ Passage capacity of up to 20 people per minute depending on the version
▪ Brush lengths of 500, 1000 and 1600 mm possible

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Safe access control with Star Clean hygiene station with Inlet Control Twist hand sanitiser

The Star Clean hygiene station with Inlet Control Twist hand sanitiser is the ideal solution for protecting hygiene-sensitive areas. In the hygiene station, hands and soles are cleaned and disinfected in a forced cycle. Sole cleaning with hand disinfection can be integrated directly into the process chain of systematic personnel hygiene and can be ideally customised to meet operational requirements thanks to different modular variants. The simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of hands and soles guarantees a rapid process flow and offers a throughput capacity of up to 20 people per minute, depending on the version. The predefined sequence of the cleaning process ensures maximum basic hygiene for your employees before they enter hygiene-sensitive areas. The hygiene station can be integrated as a platform or at ground level as a shaft installation variant. The open design of the system means that all components can be cleaned as quickly and hygienically as possible. In the bakery industry, the hygiene station is ideal for use as a dry version with a dirt collection drawer.


Inlet Control Twist for controlled hand disinfection

The Inlet Control Twist hand sanitiser enables controlled passage release after disinfection has been triggered. The Inlet Control Twist also ensures particularly ergonomic removal, as the upper housing can be rotated individually. Hand disinfection is carried out via specially arranged pairs of nozzles that completely wet the hands. The motor-driven twist lock is then released and visualised via traffic light LEDs in red or green.