Sole and wheel cleaning Hygienic Floor System

▪ Material sluice with semi-active brushes
▪ Cleaning of soles and wheels
▪ Designed for floor installation
▪ Modular design consisting of brush elements
▪ Brush cassettes can be opened with a lever
▪ Brush strips are easy to replace
▪ Optimum step/stand safety

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Reliable cleaning of soles and wheels with the Hygienic Floor System

Moving employees or conveyor vehicles between different hygiene areas increases the risk of dirt being carried in. How can this risk be reduced? The Hygienic Floor System material airlock is a floor tray with semi-active brushes that is placed at access points or between different hygiene areas. The soles and wheels are cleaned as soon as they are stepped on. The bristles protrude approx. 12 mm from the gratings. The integrated brush strips are self-oscillating for optimum cleaning results. The Hygienic Floor system is available as a wet or dry version and fits into any entrance thanks to its different sizes.


Easy maintenance thanks to individual elements

For easy cleaning of the system, the gratings can be folded open and secured with a safety lever. The individual elements can be removed without tools.