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Facility hygiene

Everything you need for cleaning your buildings and equipment: from specialized high-quality brushware to low-pressure foam cleaning technology, available as either manual or automatic versions and with all the necessary accessories, to complete outfit of chemical rooms.

Cleaning Equipment

Professional cleaning equipment for manual cleaning

Despite the high degree of automation in hygienic areas, manual sometimes essential for the entire cleaning process, especially for time and energy efficiency. PHT offers appropriate cleaning equipment such as brooms, brushes, scrapers, pullers and handles for professional use. The equipment is color-coded and thus offer the highest level of hygiene safety.

Brushes Brooms Scrapers Pullers and handles

Foam cleaning


Safe cleaning systems that blend in perfectly with your operations

A well-functioning low-pressure foam cleaning system not only has to facilitate timely and appropriate hygiene and cleaning, but also has to be energy efficient and stable in terms of operating times. Equally important are simple and flawless handling to ensure maximum work safety. Equipped with IE5 motors and the NEXT system, our systems meet all of these important criteria.

Foam cleaning stations and satellites