Hygienic Cleaning Equipment

Professional cleaning equipment for manual cleaning. Despite the high degree of automation in hygienic areas, manual cleaning is sometimes essential for the entire cleaning process, especially for time and energy efficiency. PHT offers appropriate cleaning equipment such as brooms, brushes, scrapers, pullers and handles for professional use. The equipment is color-coded and thus offer the highest level of hygiene safety.

Professional cleaning equipment for manual cleaning processes

Manual cleaning requirements are still indispensable in production facilities. Floors, floor drains, equipment and other areas require manual cleaning with scrapers, brooms, squeegees, etc. As cleaning equipment is in direct contact with potential sources of bacteria, hygienic design and storage is critical to minimise the risk of contamination. To ensure that equipment is only used for its intended purpose, PHT recommends colour coding in operation, where each area is assigned a specific colour of cleaning equipment. This ensures easy allocation.

Cleaning equipment like brushes and brooms for food safety

What are manual cleaning tools?

Cleaning supplies for manual cleaning include all equipment such as brooms, shovels, scrapers, squeegees, buckets and much more. What distinguishes professional cleaning supplies from normal cleaning equipment? In production facilities, hygiene is a particularly high priority, so professional cleaning equipment must be especially hygienic. Since they constantly come into contact with potential sources of bacteria, these are hygienically designed. This means that the materials and design are designed for quick cleaning and drying of the equipment, e.g. through specially arranged bristles or avoidance of gaps.

Cleaning needs according to colour system

A major issue in factories is that there is a risk of confusing cleaning equipment between different hygiene areas, such as production and warehouse or floor and equipment. The risk of contamination can be significantly reduced with a colour system by assigning a colour to each area. Let’s give an example: the cleaning needs in a production area for use on the floors are in the colour red, the colour blue is used for the cleaning equipment in the facilities. This way, employees know exactly which equipment is used where and the risk of contamination is reduced in the long term.

For proper industrial hygiene with cleaning requirements and shadow walls.

PHT Cleaning requirement on shadow board

Hygienic storage on shadow boards

The topics of hygienic design and allocation are covered by PHT cleaning supplies. What about storage? Storage is also particularly important, as the cleaning equipment will only remain hygienic and long-lasting if it is stored correctly. The PHT solution: shadow boards on which holders for the cleaning supplies are mounted. The shadow boards are also hygienically designed and show the cleaning equipment as shadows according to the respective colour coding. This way, you always have an overview and the equipment is always within reach.

Where can cleaning equipment be used?

PHT cleaning devices can generally be used anywhere, but are particularly suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas. Their use ensures hygiene in butcheries, bakeries, dairies and other hygiene-sensitive areas. To ensure facility hygiene in hygiene-sensitive areas, PHT recommends the integration of a low-pressure foam cleaning system.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Hygienic design
  • Minimisation of the risk of contamination
  • Assignment by colour coding
  • Clearly arranged storage
  • Easy to clean and dry

Manual cleaning supplies at PHT

PHT has been your partner for facility hygiene as well as personnel hygiene for more than 25 years and is at your side for your holistic hygiene concept. Do you need support in designing your colour coding? Our experts will be happy to advise you with a site inspection and help you select suitable cleaning equipment.

Cleaning equipment such as brushes are only used in the assigned areas thanks to a colour system.

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