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Modern technologies from PHT protect your products, optimize workspaces and ensure hygiene at your facility.

Cleaning and drying technology

We offer innovative cleaning and drying technology for all containers, trolleys and carriers at your facility. We are happy to inform you about our range of dishwashers, crate, bin, trolley and Multi Master solutions.

Drain technology

Professional floor drainage for the run-off from cleaning machines and wet rooms. The use of stainless steel 1.4301and hygienic construction facilitate safe cleaning and flexible adaptation to every floor covering.

Conveyor systems

Modern conveyor technology facilitates the workflow and ensures efficient production. We offer innovative and ergonomically optimized belts, conveyor, flow racks and fork lifts.


We are committed to setting up safe and viable workspaces. We offer a variety of professional tools: from simple lifting and tilting devices to complete weighing and charging equipment.

Factory equipment

PHT offers well-considered equipment for industrial use. We are happy to inform you about our shelving systems, tables, drinking fountains, trolleys and containers.


Making entry safe and hygienic – PHT offers high-quality swing doors and components for industrial use.