Change room equipment

Easy to clean and extremely durable change room equipment for every workday. A good personnel hygiene plan requires well-considered change room equipment, which provides for a strict separation of civilian and clean clothing or objects already at the planning stage. Similarly, important is the sanitizing of (reusable) footwear, clothing and aprons by means of specific drying devices.

Hygienic and safe staff rooms

The change from unclean street clothes to clean clothing is one of the decisive steps in personnel hygiene. How do you ensure that the clean ones are not contaminated while changing? PHT recommends a strict separation of clean and unclean laundry. In order for this plan to work, the washrooms have to be planned in such a way that the strict separation is already foreseen in the process. PHT works with companies to develop a social room concept in which employees are guided safely through the individual hygiene steps.

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Professional wardrobe lockers store clothing safely and hygienically.

PHT Cloakroom lockers with benches

What is social room equipment?

Social room equipment includes everything from valuables lockers, cloakroom lockers, clean laundry dispensing lockers to hygienic shoe drying and storage. What distinguishes PHT’s professional staff room equipment from normal lockers? Hygiene in the company stands and falls with hygienically clean laundry. This can only be ensured by hygienic storage and safe separation from unclean laundry. That is why the PHT equipment is particularly hygienic and well thought-out. Details such as special ventilation slots, dispensing cabinets that can be loaded from both sides or slanted roofs support staff hygiene in the facility and significantly reduce the risk of contamination. The correct storage of shoes and boots is also important: these are dried and disinfected by special equipment so that your employees start their shift feeling good.

Where can the social room equipment be integrated?

Hygienic social room equipment should be found in every business with hygiene-sensitive areas – whether in craft businesses or industries. Butcher’s shops, dairies, bakeries or other hygienic productions thus ensure your personnel hygiene already during changing. This is followed by further cleaning steps, which are ensured by hygiene technology and hygiene sluices.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Hygienic storage
  • Strict separation of clean and unclean laundry
  • Reduction of the risk of contamination
  • Hygienic design like sloping roofs
  • Well-being of employees due to dry boots and clothing

Hygienic equipment with PHT

As your partner for hygiene, your product safety is particularly important to us. With years of experience in personnel hygiene, we work with companies to develop an individual and suitable concept for every type of social space.

Employees can safely store valuables, snacks and helmets in lockers.

PHT safes for valuables

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