Innovative Hygiene technology

Individual plans for all facility sizes and the appropriate hygiene technology. In the food industry and in companies with hygiene-sensitive areas, maintaining personnel hygiene through appropriate hygiene technology is fundamental. PHT creates tailor-made hygiene solutions and supplies the appropriate hygiene technology – whether during new construction or conversion of existing facilities. Our systems are not only easy to use, energy efficient and stable, but also offer the highest level of occupational safety.

Increasing hygiene in your business

Proper personnel hygiene is critical when it comes to your product safety. To implement personnel hygiene, the right hygiene technology is essential. It must also be user-friendly, easy to clean and, if possible, touch-free. PHT provides you with modern technologies that make operation as easy as possible for your staff. Because: Proper hygiene can only be optimally implemented if the hygiene technology is accepted by your employees. That is why we at PHT focus on ergonomic design and smooth operation of our technology. The systems fit ideally into operating procedures and give you maximum process reliability through optional “forced guidance”.


Hand cleaning channels are used in high-traffic areas for hand cleaning.

PHT Soap dispenser with turnstile and hand cleaning channel

What is hygiene technology?

Hygiene technology is essential in hygiene-sensitive areas because it ensures that hygiene areas are only entered after hand and sole cleaning and disinfection. This includes cleaning and disinfection of hands, boots and soles, access controls and hygiene locks. The cleaning and disinfection of hands, boots and soles is particularly important to integrate before and between different hygiene areas. Hand cleaning basins or troughs, soap dispensers with turnstiles or combined hand and sole cleaning can be used for the cleaning and disinfection process – depending on the needs on site. In addition to their user-friendliness, the PHT systems also impress with their hygienic design and easy maintenance.

Where can hygiene technology be integrated?

PHT systems are as versatile as our customers. Since every business has different requirements, we have made it our goal to find the right solution for every hygiene-sensitive area. Butcheries, butchers, bakeries, dairies and other companies with hygiene-sensitive areas ensure their product safety with the right hygiene technology.

Why is hygiene technology important?

In hygiene-sensitive areas, professional hygiene technology must be used to protect consumers and products. High standards apply here to ensure hygiene, compliance with which is regularly monitored by audits, for example. Why is professional hygiene technology needed? Professional systems offer companies maximum process reliability and ensure that risks such as cross-contamination are minimised. The right hygiene technology ensures a fixed process before and during production. Professional systems clean soles and hands in the best possible way and are designed to be tamper-proof. To ensure optimum cleaning, the systems themselves have a hygienic design and are particularly easy to maintain.

Hygiene technology such as hand cleaning basins and access controls with soap dispensers ensure safe hygiene.

PHT hand cleaning channels and access controls

Hand cleaning is available from one and several cleaning stations.

PHT hand cleaning troughs and paper dispensers

Your advantages at a glance

  • The right hygiene technology for every area
  • User-friendly processes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optionally with access control
  • Hygienic design and as contactless as possible

Hygiene technology at PHT

PHT is your partner for personnel and facility hygiene, which is why your product safety is particularly important to us. We plan individual hygiene concepts together with companies, which we implement with the appropriate systems.

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