.Facility hygiene

Comprehensive solutions for your facility hygiene from low-pressure foam cleaning to cleaning equipment.

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.Personnel hygiene

Modern hygiene technology, hygiene sluices and hand cleaning basins as well as social room equipment.

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Cleaning and drying technology, ergonomic devices and drain technology are the optimal solution for your produktion.

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Hygiene technology

Change room equipment

Foam cleaning

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning systems

Drain technology

Lifting and tipping devices

Conveyor systems

Leading Through Innovation

The success of our customers depends on a well-functioning hygiene plan, in which all the individual components interact.

PHT therefore develops holistic hygiene plans that fit seamlessly into existing and new facilities in the food and food supply industries, canteen kitchens and communal catering, and also in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


Manufacturers hygienic-sensitive products have a special responsibility.

As a successful manufacturing company, you need to keep many regulations and laws regarding hygiene and food safety in mind. Our individual hygiene solutions and innovative technology will support you in this regard. We develop customized hygiene plans for your company and our entire team’s expertise is at your service. Our combination of sales and in-house production expertise allows us to offer a specialized service, thus ensuring the best possible result for each enquiry. In addition, we offer advice and regular service from the day of purchase and support in case of an emergency.

Hygiene and Food Safety is our passion

We care about our customers, our suppliers and our people – we measure our success by the way we touch their lives. Because we care, we design innovative and holistic solutions.


Hygiene and Food Safety are our passion



We think a step ahead



We are leading in everything we do



We create holistic solutions

Josef Meßmer
 Since the foundation of PHT we are part of the constant changes in the food industry. I appreciate to be able to contribute through new, innovative concepts, solutions and technologies to improve hygiene and food safety. With passion I will accept this responsibility in future as well. 
Heinz-Josef Mollemeier
 I visited my first customer in the food industry in the beginning of the 1980’s. Back then, I never thought that we will ever have such a strong influence on hygiene in the food industry. I am grateful for the pleasure of positive changes and the personal relationships as a result of it. 
Deléne Boshoff
 My passion for hygiene and food safety started as a student in Dairy Science at the University of Pretoria. I believe that every human being should have access to safe and wholesome food. Joining PHT in 2008 enabled me to carry this passion further by introducing holistic hygiene systems to the South African market. 

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