More efficient Process Technology

Modern technologies of PHT protect your products, optimize workspaces and ensure hygiene at your facility.

Hygienic and ergonomic process technology

Production plants and hygiene-sensitive areas such as food processing have special requirements. PHT systems impress with their ergonomics and user-friendliness. In times of raw material shortages and rising energy prices, it is also particularly important to us to support you with efficient systems. In hygienic areas, product safety is the top priority, which is why special attention must be paid to hygiene. PHT process technology is designed for use in hygienic areas and its hygienic design makes a significant contribution to general hygiene.

To the products

Container cleaning

Crate cleaner for different food containers

Drain technology

drain technology for food hygiene

Lifting and tipping solutions

Lifting and tipping for hygienic production

Conveyor technology

Conveyor systems for food productions

Factory equipment

Factory equipment for food productions
For proper industrial hygiene with cleaning requirements and shadow walls.

PHT lifting and tipping solutions

What is innovative process technology?

As hygiene does not end with hygiene technology at PHT, we offer modern process technology that makes your day-to-day production easier. This includes container cleaning systems, drainage technology, conveyor technology, operating equipment and lifting and tipping solutions. These are characterised by their ergonomic design and effectively help to save resources in operation. Container cleaning systems are the ideal solution for cleaning containers such as e-crates and special containers. When it comes to drainage technology, we offer hygienic floor drains and drainage channels that significantly reduce the risk of contamination by preventing standing water. Customised solutions for conveyor technology, operating equipment and lifting and tipping devices are both effective and hygienic.

Where can PHT technology be integrated?

PHT systems have been specially developed for use in hygiene-sensitive areas. Butchers, bakeries, dairies, other food businesses and other hygienic areas can use the systems in both craft businesses and industries.

Why is process technology important?

In these times of increasing consumer pressure for more transparency, it is essential to switch to new process technologies to increase and optimise efficiency. This makes processes leaner and more targeted and contributes to greater product safety. With well thought-out planning, container cleaning, lifting and tipping equipment and conveyor technology make a significant contribution to greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in operation.

The combination of floor drains and slotted channels keeps wet rooms hygienic.

PHT Container cleaning and drainage technology

Efficient conveyor belts ensure that operations run smoothly.

PHT Conveyor Technology

Your advantages at a glance

  • Modern and innovative technologies
  • Efficient and resource-saving
  • User-friendly handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hygienic design

Innovative process technology of PHT

PHT has been your partner for hygiene and technology for over 25 years. We work with you to develop solutions ranging from the right hygiene concept to the technical equipment for your business. In times of a shortage of skilled labour and rising prices, we want to support you and focus on resource-saving and efficient solutions.

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