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Apron cleaning for more hygiene

Aprons protect work clothing from dirt and moisture. But what about cleaning the aprons themselves? Are your work aprons and protective aprons being cleaned properly? A comprehensive hygiene concept in food production, especially in meat processing, includes clean clothing and hygienic apron cleaning. Apron cleaning systems help with this.

Apron cleaning according to hygiene standards

A hygiene concept that complies with national and international standards, such as the HACCP concept, analyses hazards and controls all critical points. One focus here is on the preparation and processing of foodstuffs such as meat products. Soiling is automatically generated during production, which is deposited on the aprons and protective aprons. During prolonged use, germs form which, in the worst case scenario, can be spread throughout the company via the protective clothing. This is why the cleaning of aprons and their subsequent storage are an integral part of an HACCP concept.

Apron cleaning machine

Efficient apron cleaning

Modern PHT apron cleaning machines clean work aprons and protective aprons so thoroughly that the highest hygiene standards such as HACCP or IFS are met. The cleaned aprons are free from germs and other contaminants. At the same time, PHT apron cleaners keep an eye on operating costs. They clean quickly and require little water and energy. This also protects the environment. Depending on the size of the business, there are appropriate models available, even larger numbers can be cleaned efficiently. The intuitive and fast operation of the systems ensures a smooth operating process.


Apron cleaning keeps production hygienic

It is important to store the cleaned aprons correctly. Here too, special precautions must be taken as part of a comprehensive hygiene concept. Apron spreader hangers are a safe solution here and ensure quick drying. Special storage devices prevent contact with contaminated clothing.

Professionelle Hygieneschleuse von PHT sichert die Personalhygiene

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