We advise you on hygiene and process technology

In times of increasing standards and growing requirements, we help you with planning from the entrance door to the loading ramp. With over 25 years of experience, PHT specializes in hygiene and process technology concepts for food businesses and offers planning of your processes in addition to the appropriate systems. With a holistic concept for personnel and facility hygiene as well as process technology, you can maximize your product safety and operational efficiency.

Your process technology concept

To make your processes in the area of process technology as efficient as possible, they should be planned holistically. We specialize in processes in food companies and optimize your production processes.

We plan process technology for you:

  • Conveying and storage technology
  • Lifting and tipping processes
  • Container cleaning
  • Drain technology

Process technology in production

Your hygiene concept

Operational hygiene is an important point for the protection of consumers and employees in the company, which is why we offer the professional creation of hygiene concepts.

We plan the hygiene concept for you:

  • Staff flow through social areas and entrances
  • Hygiene technology and airlocks
  • Foam cleaning systems
  • Color zone consultation for your cleaning requirements

Change rooms of a food company

Professional planning with PHT

Professional planning by PHT has many advantages, as we have over 25 years of experience in finding the best possible solution for your individual business.

Advantages of professional planning:

  • Efficient route and process planning
  • Optimization of your cleaning processes
  • Conservation of resources
  • Planning tools such as virtual reality

PHT hygiene lobby from planning to realization

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