Sophisticated hygiene lobby

A hygiene lobby is one of the most important areas in companies with hygiene-sensitive areas. PHT hygiene stations can be individually configured to meet the requirements of the company and can therefore be optimally integrated into the operating process.

Hand and sole cleaning in a hygiene lobby

In companies with hygiene-sensitive areas such as the food industry, product safety is the top priority. To protect the hygiene areas, a so-called hygiene lobby is necessary for proper personnel hygiene. In the hygiene lobby there are various cleaning processes such as hand cleaning and disinfection, soap dispensing and sole cleaning and disinfection combined. The hygiene lobby can also be used as access control. In this way, companies ensure that the cleaning process has been carried out before entering the hygiene-sensitive areas or between areas with different hygiene levels.

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Hygiene station of hygiene lobby in front of hygiene areas ensure proper personnel hygiene.

PHT hygiene station Star Clean with hand disinfection Inlet Control Twist

What is a hygiene lobby?

A hygiene lobby is the area placed before hygiene-sensitive areas and combines hand and sole cleaning mostly with hygiene stations. In the hygiene lobby the well-thought planned processes are very important, where the empoyees has to be guided through a logical process to assure the cleaning. A successful hygiene lobby stands and falls with the planning concept, so PHT assumes the planning and realisation of your hygiene lobby.


Hygiene stations for hand and sole cleaning

The hygiene station is an important system of the hygiene lobby, where the sole brushes start to rotate when the user enters. In order to pass through the turnstile, the user has to perform the specified cleaning step. This can be hand disinfection, soap dispensing or an entire hand cleaning process until dry. For areas with little space, hand and sole cleaning is also possible in space-saving versions. The PHT hygiene station can be set up in different ways depending on the frequency of staff or the conditions in the facility. For example, the hygiene station can be used for disinfection after hand cleaning or as a soap dispenser in front of a cleaning basin. The PHT hygiene stations are designed to be particularly user-friendly and at the same time protected against manipulation.

Where a hygiene lobby has to be integrated?

Hygiene lobbies should be placed in all companies with hygiene-sensitive areas. Especially food companies such as butchers, butcheries, bakeries, dairies or other industries use hygiene lobbies to ensure their product safety. These should be placed, for example, after changing in the social rooms before entering the production area. If there are different hygiene levels in the company, e.g. production, packaging and delivery, hand and sole cleaning should also be secured by a hygiene lobbies when entering the higher hygiene area.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Combination of hand and sole cleaning and disinfection
  • Individual for the conditions in the company
  • User-friendly and ergonomic
  • Tamper-proof
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Hygiene lobby of PHT

PHT is your partner for hygiene and ensures a high level of product safety in your company through comprehensive hygiene concepts. A well-thought hygiene lobby make a significant contribution to hygiene, which is why PHT offers individual system variants to suit your company.

Hygiene sluices are used as space-saving models in small areas and passageways.

PHT space-saving sole cleaning Traditio Complete and Solo Traditio

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