Setting up a hygiene entrance – that’s what matters in practice

With a professional hygiene entrance, you ensure employee hygiene and thus hygienic production. For smooth operation, the hygiene entrance must suit your company and be adapted for both the number of users and the hygiene process to be carried out.

Installing a hygiene entrance at the transition into a cleaner production area or where people have to enter from outside helps to ensure good food hygiene. A hygiene entrance is a system for cleaning and disinfecting hands, work shoes and equipment such as knife baskets, aprons and protective gloves. Items have to be passed through in a controlled manner, else integrated turnstiles automatically block further passage.

Hygiene entrances are available both as standard versions and as individual solutions; that is, adapted to the company’s requirements. When choosing a hygiene entrance, you should first consult with a hygiene technology expert to determine what type of system will be best suited to your company. The consultant will develop a concept according to the HACCP plan and requirements of your company, with all the important factors logically set out.

The flow of employees is an important factor to consider when choosing a suitable hygiene entrance. What do the routes look like in practice? Do employees arrive and depart at the same time during a shift change? What equipment do they carry?

The access frequency (that is, the number of employees that have to pass through per minute) is one of the determining factors in choosing an appropriate system: a compact system, such as a wall unit, is suitable for a small number of employees; single- or double-lane continuous hygiene stations are better for larger companies.

Another aspect to be clear about is the steps needed to ensure a required level of hygiene. What exactly needs to be cleaned or disinfected? Should the disinfection be checked? Should shoe soles be cleaned only from below or also from the side? Is additional cleaning of boot legs required?

An integrated hot-air hand dryer with an integrated filter system offers additional comfort and is a hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paper towel dispensers. The right model can also save you time and money in your daily operations.

The quick and hygienic cleaning of the system itself should also be considered. The more hygienic and practical the design, the lower the risk of soiling and the lower the cleaning effort. For example, a ‘floating’ step guide for cleaning soles, which allows dirt to drain fast and minimises water splashing, or self-cleaning brushes not only facilitate everyday operation but also provide additional hygiene confidence.

Do you have more questions about choosing your hygiene entrance? We will be happy to advise you and develop a suitable concept for your business.