Cleaning in the smallest detail – Cleaning System Series CM

Your production meets the highest hygiene standards, employees pass through hygiene sluices and are trained. But what about the storage and transport of food products? Are bins and crates also perfectly clean?

The new dimension of cleaning



The cleaning system of the series CM has a particular hygienic design and low media consumption. All surfaces are bevelled and edges are rounded.

In order to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria during cleaning, the PHT cleaning systems of the series CM  have been designed so that the water can drain off quickly. Edges and corners are rounded accordingly. The interior of the washers is made of hygienically designed stainless steel, on which no water can accumulate.

All parts of the cleaning systems are easily accessible to ensure quick cleaning and maintenance of the interior and exterior.

 Clean different crate heights simultaneously


Kistenwaschanlage von PHTThe crates pass through the machine at an angle and are optimally washed by specially developed rotor nozzle arms. Even crates of the various heights can be washed unsorted without any adjustment.

Efficient and environmentally friendly operation


The cost-efficiency of the system is just as important for food companies as hygiene. Therefore, PHT cleaning systems reduce water, detergent and energy consumption through optimized module sizes. This saves you energy costs and saves resources.

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Download our information sheet and learn more about the elaborated crate cleaning of the series CM.

Further PHT cleaning systems

PHT offers innovative cleaning and drying technology for all containers, trolleys and carriers at your facility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our cleaning systems.