Personnel and Facility Hygiene

As a food producer or company with highly sensitive areas, you have a special responsibility towards your customers and employees when it comes to hygiene. Requirements and standards such as the Food Hygiene Ordinance (LMHV) ensure that food can be consumed by consumers without hesitation. In order to simplify the processes of hygiene measures for food hygiene and to optimise the workflow in the company, PHT is at your side as a strong partner. With 25 years of experience in food hygiene, we support you in developing the right hygiene concept, the right hygiene technology and reliable service. We help you to achieve optimal food hygiene, whether in an existing operation or in the construction of a new production facility.

Personnal hygiene

The right personnel hygiene

As an operational hygiene measure in food hygiene, personnel hygiene ensures that employees are guided from the unclean to the clean area through the so-called hygiene sluice. The aim of personnel hygiene is, among other things, to prevent contamination in the production area through the “unclean” street clothing. To reduce the risk of food contamination to a minimum, it is important to develop a well thought-out hygiene concept. Here, for example, hygienic design, strict separation of streetwear and clean laundry as well as handling that is as contact-free as possible are decisive factors. With the holistic hygiene concept, employees are thus guided safely through the staff wing from the first portal turnstile via the social rooms to the hygiene station with hand and sole disinfection.

Our range:

  • Hygiene sluices
  • Hand cleaning basins
  • Apron and boot cleaning stations
  • Boot and half-shoe drying
  • Social room equipment

Facility hygiene

On the safe side with facility hygiene

In the hygiene concept of food production, facility hygiene is also a decisive factor that ensures that the production facility itself is kept hygienically clean. Our special low-pressure foam cleaning system ensures both hygienic cleanliness in operational hygiene and easy handling in everyday life. The system can be individually combined with various satellites and pressure boosting systems to suit your hygiene concept – whether for a craft business or in the food industry. Another advantage for industrial hygiene is the special NEXT technology, which enables the user to use different chemicals one after the other via one outlet. With thoughtful use of low-pressure foam cleaning as an operational hygiene measure in the hygiene concept, the production facility remains hygienically clean and the risk of contamination is minimised.

Our range:

  • Low-pressure foam cleaning
  • Main stations and satellites
  • Pressure boosting systems
  • Hoses
  • Cleaning supplies

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