Arm operated dispenser Liquid 1000

▪ Robust, hygienic stainless steel housing
▪ Suitable for liquid soap and disinfectants
▪ Adjustable dosage (approx. 0.7/1.0/1.5 ml/stroke)
▪ Service-friendly access to the pump and dosing setting
▪ Container fill level clearly visible

SKU: Liquid-1000


Liquid 1000 arm operated dispenser for soap and disinfectant

The PHT dispenser Liquid 1000 impresses with its robust, hygienic stainless steel housing and can be filled with liquid soap/disinfectant and lotions as well as gel disinfectant. The dosage can be set to 0.7/1.0/1.5 ml/stroke as required. Access to the pump and dosage setting is very service-friendly and can be opened without screws. The storage container holds 1 liter and clearly shows the fill level.

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