Soap dispenser Inlet Duosoap Twist

▪ Assured hand hygiene
▪ Release after soap removal via motorised turnstile
▪ Ergonomic removal thanks to rotating upper housing
▪ Passage capacity of up to 20 people per minute
▪ Visualised release by LEDs according to traffic light system
▪ Two nozzles for simultaneous wetting of both palms
▪ Connection of card readers possible

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Access control with soap dispenser

The Inlet Duosoap Twist soap dispenser is ideal as access control in combination with soap dispensing. The soap dispenser wets both palms simultaneously with two nozzles and only then releases the motorised turnstile. This makes the system ideal for combining with a subsequent hand cleaning basin and optional sole cleaning. The upper housing of the Inlet Duosoap Twist can be rotated and can therefore be ergonomically aligned for convenient soap removal by your employees. The release of the turnstile is clearly visualised by LEDs with a traffic light system.

Technical Data

  • Type: 23744
  • Mains connection: 230 V, 50-60 Hz,
  • Rated power: 0.3 kW