Shoe and boot drying Hygifeet

▪ Simultaneous drying and disinfection
▪ Ozone disinfection without the use of chemicals
▪ Capacity from 5 – 90 pairs
▪ Short drying time thanks to warm air
▪ Release of the ozone-hot air mixture only when the shoes are put on
▪ Targeted dosed warm air release
▪ Weekly, daily and hourly programming with digital display

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Drying and disinfection system for boots and shoes

The Hygifeet drying and disinfection system is the innovation for all social rooms. The system stores shoes and boots after use and disinfects and dries them at the same time. The disinfection is carried out safely using ozone and therefore does not use any chemicals. Simultaneous drying takes place using warm air, which ensures a short drying time. The ozone-warm air mixture is only released when the boots are attached to the valve heads. The valve heads are also ergonomically shaped for optimum air circulation. Warm, dry boots increase the well-being of your employees and prevent illnesses through disinfection.


Flexible boot drying and disinfection

The Hygifeet system can be customised thanks to its modular design and can be used as a stationary, mobile or wall-mounted unit. With a capacity of 5 to 90 pairs, it is suitable for use in both workshops and industry.

Technical data

  • Connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Compact design
  • Low power consumption: 1.1 kW
  • Time control with timer
  • Capacity: 5 – 30 pairs
  • Stationary, mobile or wall-mounted (M models only)
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